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Eve - Jaguar at Jita by MoD1982 Eve - Jaguar at Jita by MoD1982
..My DevART seems to be turning into a blog of sorts for Eve, doesn't it? So here's another picture of another high-res high graphics OMG COMPUTER BRAINFART image. In this case, a gas giant by the Perimeter gate.

BEHOLD - my first true T2 ship, freshly purchased in Amarr and then flown to Jita for fitting! I don't count a Hulk or a Bustard, at least not as far as combat is concerned. I've been able to fly it, skill-wise, for about a month now, but I've not needed to buy an AF until now...

This, for those wondering, is a Jaguar - a Minmatar Assault Frigate based on their normal model, the Rifter. I'll pick the Rifter over any other frig, any day. So why did I go for an AF and not an interceptor? I wanna pew with a frig, basically. An inty is good for speed and tackling, but I don't need that ability when with a wolfpack...

...which leads us nicely onto why I bought a Jaguar. This Saturday I've organised a low-sec pirate hunt somewhere out there ;) I'm hoping for a decent turnout. The only condition I've set is to bring a frigate - T1, T2 or faction, couldn't care less. I intend to lead from the front - as the leader of a corp and alliance should - and wanted something solid yet flexible. As a member of a fleet, I'm hoping this does the job nicely. Yes, it's T2 fitted, yes it's insured, yes my clone is up to date :P

The primary function of our fleet is two-fold: first, to better establish relations with the sister corp in the alliance. We've flown with them a few times when mining and PVEing, and in their last war(before they joined us) we helped them keep a POS alive. They were ready to abandon it but me and my corp stepped in to help our brothers in arms. Why let the enemy demotivate everyone into abandoning a perfectly good POS? All it needed was repping like mad once it came out of reinforced. Our friends needed the morale boost for sure, and to know they can rely on their friends.
Our two corps mustered a force of 2 BS, 5 BC, and various other ships all guarding 3 Basilisks and 6 or 7 Ospreys. The enemy turned up once we'd gotten the POS shields back up to 45% and scattered our forces. We attempted a fightback but were nowhere near a cohesive unit, some aggressing, some holding back, others still repping. We lost a Basi and 2 Osprey because people refused to go inside the shields...
Our ace up the sleeve arrived however, a squad of 5 BS also at war with the corp in question(OH HAI PROJECT NEMESIS, I hear you lost a T2 BPO that you foolishly left in a POS that Neg Ten popped... it had no stront in, FAIL.) were lurking in a nearby system. We quickly coordinated our efforts and let them FC things, and soon found out they were fitted purely for gank. We drove them off and got the POS back to 50%, so we could finally online the extra guns and stuff that should have been bloody fitted in the first place...

The second reason is to begin to establish a foothold in low sec and get people into PVP. We're NRDS and anti-piracy. But to do that, we need to get the troops versed in the ways of PVP. Frigates are cheap for people to fly, both isk and skillwise. People can begin to get the concept of flying en masse, and having designated roles within an operation. For me personally, I'm educating my newbies while learning the art of being an FC. I get a huge thrill out of it, but it's so much different trying to make the call to go attack that piewut, rather than being the scout and having to feel intel back. I just need some time and practice with this before I can effectively lead us as an alliance properly. I'm working closely with our war general on this part, he's not interested in being an FC but he's flown with enough to know what I need to be doing.
Before we go out on Saturday I'll have the newbies fly around high sec for a while, learning about holding cloak, making safespots and so on - the basics of low-sec fight or flight.

It's going to be an interesting ride, that much is certain.
cyc1one Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
jags are great when not flying bomber :P
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